Good morning America — your public transit information is about to get more accurate!

TRAFI, the free transit app that helps commuters find the best public transit route and shows the movement of shuttles and trains live opens new borders as it expands in the US today. Starting with metropolitan areas of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston TRAFI will offer its complete overview of public transport options including real-time solutions.

TRAFI in a nutshell: where to next?

“AT TRAFI we love challenges: with our technology and local partners we were able to improve transit infrastructure and help commuters to take better decisions in the most complex cities like Jakarta, Mumbai, São Paulo or Moscow.

With numerous requests from our fans worldwide, we are happy to provide the most accurate transit data and unique app features here in the US. This is just the beginning as we will continue to expand to new markets.” said Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO of TRAFI.

With the US TRAFI is taking this to the next level by bringing the biggest coverage and data quality that will improve on the day-to-day basis due to our passive & active feedback integrations. Furthermore, all launched U.S. cities come with real time — which notably improves the user experience.

Make sure to check our beautifully designed, moving real-time bus icons (center pic.)

For example, in LA Metropolitan Region TRAFI has the most comprehensive data available with more than 50 different sources that run through our unique algorithms to deliver the most accurate results. Our app intends to not only help you plan your trips but also to help a newcomer understand the extent and characteristics of the system.

Another example is Dallas — Fort Worth where TRAFI is combining all available transport modes of the region through its studious implementation process. “We also know that commuter rail services between Dallas and Forth Wale are critical; so we integrated Trinity Railway Express (TRE) services as well,” added Martynas.

Last but not least, TRAFI features optimized schedules and offline route search, freeing people from the need to be constantly online while using the app.

Bad coverage or no data? No problem!


TRAFI’s mission is to organize global public transport and make it predictable. TRAFI was listed in Apple’s highly regarded ‘Best apps of 2014’. In 2016, TRAFI has been chosen as the best Travel Planner for public transport during the 2016 Olympic Games by Rio’s Cidade Olímpica.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in London, the company is supported by VC firms like Octopus Ventures, EBRD, Baltcap and Practica Capital. TRAFI is currently available in Brazil, United States, Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

TRAFI is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.