Russian logisticians to develop the world first insurance for UAV trucks

The customer of the product is the russian transport company Traft, which by the end of the summer of this year is to make the first in the country cargo transportation on a heavy truck with the use of unmanned vehicle technologies.


Traft wants to insure the responsibility of the operator of an unmanned truck in front of other road users during the experimental shipping. After all, according to the current European legislation, which applies in our country (the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 1968), the management of an unmanned vehicle must be controlled by a human being driver directly behind the wheel and performing supervisory functions for the correct operation of all autopilot systems, including sensors, sonars, lidars and other electronic and hardware components.


Traft Commercial Director Andrey Savin and INTOUCH Insurance Director Vasily Busarov note that in principle the insurance product for UAV should include the coverage of three types of responsibility:

1) The manufacturer of hardware, electronic, information and communication components and solutions for the UAV;

2) Responsibility of the customizer and component tester for the UAV based on a commercial industrial sample of a passenger vehicle or a freight vehicle;

3) Responsibility of the UAV operator.

Traft has unveiled a transformative strategy it hopes will reinvent logistics for an age of autonomous vehicles and on-demand services. The company has taken steps to replace 20 percent of its fleet with vehicles that have autonomous capabilities this year. In 2018, the goal will double.

But in practice, such insurance in modern realities has so far been difficult to implement: the russian (as well as worlwide) law does not define a unmanned vehicle and driver-operator of an unmanned vehicle and there are no regulatory concepts for anyone to make claims in the event of an accident, says A. Savin.

The first in the country specialized testing ground for Traft UAV trucks near Moscow

“Now we are working on an experimental model of the insurance product for the UAV truck: first, only the responsibility of the operator-operator of the UAV is insured. The very concept of “operator” applied to the driver of a vehicle is introduced by Russian insurance companies for the first time. In the future, comprehensive insurance of the UAV will be developed, for which the accumulated data on all truck movements, the driver’s behavior and how the UAV control system behaves as a result of operation will be used, — commented Vasily Busarov, INTOUCH Insurance Director. “With the advent of unmanned vehicles on the roads, the car insurance market is awaiting radical changes, and we are beginning to look to the future now”.

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