Supercharge your (remote) voter contact efforts with this new tool from Trailmapper

Jul 22 · 4 min read
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Ditch your campaign’s “shift tracker” spreadsheet for a smarter, simpler solution.

Chances are your campaign has already made the switch to some kind of remote model for your voter contact and canvassing operations. While some teams will strive in this socially-distant-field-program world, the new normal for political campaigns means organization cannot be taken for granted.

The Remote Advantage

Remote canvassing can be more convenient for volunteers too! Cutting out travel, parking, and related hassle makes the volunteer commitment easier to fulfill and less disruptive to their daily life.

Remote Challenges

Enter Shifty — a new Trailmapper tool designed to address these common voter-contact pitfalls.

Scheduling & Filling Shifts

  1. Spreadsheets actually aren’t user-friendly for anyone (other than the creator). Even the most sophisticated Google Sheet, with all the fancy formatting, custom formulas, and nifty macros, isn’t a volunteer friendly tool. It really only helps your internal team visualize all of the clunky manual work that campaign staffers have already completed before manually logging their work into a spreadsheet.
  2. Spreadsheets are a time-suck. Think about how much time it takes to create the campaign-specific “tracker” spreadsheet, plus editing it, tweaking again, adding a new field that was missing from the original, then add all the time you spend manually updating it and keeping it current. Is this really a productive use of time? What are you getting back from the time investing in building and maintaining this spreadsheet?

Accountability & “Flake” Prevention

Shifty addresses this friction with two simple but important innovations.

  1. Empowering volunteers to sign up for their own shifts creates an entirely different incentive personal incentive that naturally makes them more likely to keep their commitment.
  2. Utilizing familiar patterns and processes from volunteers non-political life make it easier and more convenient for volunteers to remember and thus keep track of their volunteer commitments.

When a someone signs up for volunteer shift using Shifty, they automatically receive a simple confirmation email (just like they would with any other appointment booking service) and a calendar event is a created on the campaign’s volunteer tracking calendar. The volunteer will also receive a calendar invite allowing them to add the event to their own calendar. From there your campaign team can set up additional automated reminders or triggered “nudges” that effortlessly and gently keep everyone accountable using familiar methods and strategies.

Onboarding, Training & FAQs

Get Shifty

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Effortless volunteer shift management.

Shifty is simple tool that makes filling volunteer shifts as easy as booking an appointment with your barber or making a dinner reservation. But the real magic happens behind the scenes, with automated confirmation emails, calendar events, calendar invites, and triggered “nudge” reminders.

Let’s discuss how Trailmapper’s Shifty tool can boost your campaign’s volunteer canvassing and voter contact program. Schedule a demo or drop us a line to learn more.

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