The Truth Hurts by James D. Solomon director/producer, The Witness
The Witness

Adelaide, they weren’t. The Genoveses were a mafia family in NY at the time but Kitty Genovese and her family had no relation to them. The story about Kitty being Mafia was cooked up by Winston Moseley himself, a psychopath rapist murderer who raped 2 other women and raped and killed one other intentionally by setting her on fire. He even escaped prison after being convicted of Kitty’s murder and raped and nearly killed another woman before being caught. Moseley also told his son that Kitty had provoked her own attack by yelling racial slurs at him. He also told other versions in which a Mafia hitman killed her and made him take the blame. But none of that is the truth — which is that he stalked, raped and murdered women of all races — it’s just what he told his children to absolve himself of any wrongdoing, and what his children then told themselves in denial that their father is actually a sexually-motivated serial killer.

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