The long and the short

So you’re in the fitness industry and love working with people to reach their health and fitness goals. So that’s the easy bit, well it’s not easy but you love it right? you are driven and motivated to achieve those goals.

Trouble is you are running a business and to achieve your goals you need to sustain you and your business with revenue. To maintain revenue you need to be productive and focus on what’s important to keep a business running without compromising the service you offer your clients.

My goal is to offer simple, actionable advice to help you move your business forward. There are no growth hacks or magic formula’s to be found here. Just honest advice and examples of how others have achieved success while mixing health fitness and business.

From time to time I’ll be giving you examples of how our software Training Tilt may be able to help. Because you know what? I love building software but love to help other business’s grow.

Training Tilt is a software platform designed to help health and fitness businesses grown their businesses through engaging content, fitness communities and powerful e-commerce tools.

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