7 Exciting Crypto and Blockchain Projects in 2019

Nov 4 · 4 min read

While several major blockchain companies may continue making headlines and moving forward with their projects, there are a number of competitors working on new products that show significant promise and potential in today’s market. Keeping track of these new developments, however, can be difficult given the number of new companies and products emerging on a regular basis. To introduce you to some of the more innovative ideas that are emerging, here are 7 exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that have made a splash in 2019.

1. Amazon’s Blockchain Products

Amazon Web Services recently released two of their own products to make it easier for companies to implement blockchain technology into their own business operations. Taking into account both the needs of centralization and decentralization when it comes to doing things such as tracking a supply chain or keeping track of orders, Amazon developed two different products: Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain. The Amazon Quantum Ledger Database allows businesses to build their own centralized blockchain to monitor internal processes and provide access to only those who need it. The Amazon Managed Blockchain, on the other hand, serves to provide a more distributed experience that can still be controlled and centralized. Overall, these products have the potential to make a massive impact on blockchain acceptance and implementation.

2. Lolli

Quality crypto marketplaces are hard to come by (let alone Bitcoin marketplaces), and the volatility of crypto makes it harder for users to justify holding and spending crypto on products. The solution? Lolli! Using their chrome extension, users can spend money on websites and at locations that have partnered with the company. In return, they will earn a certain percentage of their purchase back in Bitcoin. This app has already partnered with some big names, which helps those interested in crypto learn more about digital assets while using cash for their everyday purchases.

3. The Casper Protocol

Ethereum is arguably the most significant crypto next to Bitcoin, and talk about its transition from a Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake system and the term “Casper Protocol” has been thrown around for a while as well. Ethereum’s shift to Proof-of-Stake will help to make the system more fair, decentralized, and secure. There are currently several Casper Protocol recommendations and functions, but it will eventually serve to prevent malicious actors from trying to cheat the system. These major upgrades will be very exciting to watch as they take place in 2019 and continue into 2020.

4. Casa and the Lightning Network

2017 was the year that showed us just how congested Bitcoin’s network could become. For those who were trying to conduct transactions during that time, you are well aware of how slow the network was moving. This created the need for the Lightning Network, which greatly speeds up transactions and is still relevant in 2019. One company, Casa, sells its own Lightning Network nodes and products to improve the strength and health of the network. Additionally, they have also developed their own application that can control their node remotely and help people earn a little bit of money in the process. This will be especially exciting for Lightning users when the new network monitoring tool is released.


The future can be found in virtual reality and CEEK is a company that understands this truth. CEEK VR provides VR products that allow people to attend virtual concerts, movies, and sports events. However, unlike other VR providers, CEEK takes it a step farther by utilizing blockchain technology and their own CEEK token so that users to participate in the system and make purchases within the virtual city that they have built for customers. They intend to further develop this platform as it grows.

6. The Samsung Galaxy S10

You may be wondering, what is a phone doing on this list? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no ordinary phone. This phone includes its own private key storage, meaning that the S10 has a built-in crypto wallet included with your purchase. Cryptocurrency apps may often be overlooked by those who are not aware of digital assets, but this feature in a mainstream phone will hopefully foster adoption and implementation in products down the road.

7. Facebook’s Libra

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding the stablecoin as it continues to undergo regulatory scrutiny, Facebook’s Libra is still a long-awaited project that has been making headlines since Facebook quietly onboarded cryptocurrency experts. Libra intends to be a globally utilized stablecoin that helps the unbanked gain access to a stable economy where everyone can participate. While we have not yet seen the product’s release, Libra could make major progress in the future given its association with Facebook.

While this is not a comprehensive list of everything that 2019 has had to offer, these 7 projects have shown you just how much blockchain and crypto has grown since its introduction. Hopefully, we will see plenty more projects come out as we move into 2020!


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