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I am from Utah and I am embarrassed by this bigoted imbecile, he has no clue how it is for anyone that is not a mormon in the state of utah. You can be treated as though you are from another planet if you’re gay it is worse. These people, these lack of a human being, these freak politicians, are just dragging themselves farther down into the ground. So let me get back to point on hand

It all comes down to this, if by some chance they were to accept ALL people, all human beings, regardless of color, sexual orientation, religion, everything. Accept all, every single one of them as EQUALS, everyone on equal ground, we wouldn’t have this problem with the religious right wing feeling less invasive about sticking their nose and opinion, oh and I forgot about morals, how they stick them into everyone else’s face because that is what they do. Try to force down your throat, their morals, their opinions, their values, yours don’t matter, but theirs do, remember that. And that includes that canadian Cruz

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