this is what TERFs think about you specifically though.
Cursed E 👌

You keep saying these alledged terfs are going to drop me…

Even the worst of them, even the ones who are ACTUALLY bigots and who I’d actually call bigots to their faces, haven’t done anything to me except a few mean words. The “trans community” who claim to be my sisters, however, have done a lot of damage. You can give up this “They’re going to turn on you” argument because 1 — I don’t care, I’m not in it for their admiration and validation, and 2 — They haven’t done anything to me, and the ones you want me to side with absolutely have, oh and 3 — I fight because the trans advocates are doing very wrong. That’s MY view. I don’t give a crap who else happens to have that view, I’m operating on my own views.