Today was a whole new day for me. From the moment I woke up, to the moment I realized it was 11:01am and only had an hour to go before lunch called .😊 When I went to lunch, I was still full of energy. . . oppose to any other day — where, in other words, I would be dragging- i woke up by the help of my girlfriend (partner) , made breakfast ; consisting of Bac. Eggs and Cheese. . . she had it on toast and I had to have it on my favvvvorite bagel EVERYTHING BAGEL😍😛.. we drove to work, I carpooled, I guess you would say, and we arrived, About 4 minutes late , But.. it was okay.. In some irresponsible way. , . I LOVE job. Warehouse; Factory- whatever they want to classify it as, I’m satisfied. Coworkers around me talk about the job, have problems with it.. . . Yeah, its okay for people to have an “Out-of-it Day” but Monday , TODAY, is normally it , right??.

Getting down to the end of the day because I am beginning to laaggg a bit, can you tell.??

I got off of work (me and my girlfriend- we work together) and came home made dinner, and prepped tomorrow’s lunch and dinner , and now we are just about i. Bed..

This is my first “ blog “ I guess you would say. . . I’m on my way to bed, . . . Gnight bloggers ! 💓💓❤

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