90 Year Old Caught In a Speed Trap.

His excuse to the traffic officer was simply: “I’m sorry officer; I was worried that I would miss the Bingo!”

The traffic officer, who caught this octogenarian, is also the commanding officer of the local county police precinct. He was investigating, hands-on, the spate of speeding offences in recent weeks where the offenders were senior citizens!

With his deputies frequently catching offenders residing in the local home for the aged, the mayor was getting a bad rap from local affluent members of his constituency and with the upcoming mayoral elections; he was seriously worried about not being reelected and ordered the c.o. to personally investigate, as he put it: “You get down there yourself, and find out what is going on with these old guys, or, I promise you, heads are gonna roll, and I don’t mean mine!”

In his cellphone message to the mayor he had this to say:”your worship, you’re not going to believe this, but, I was operating our radar-trap just now, and I found it hard to believe what my own eyes was showing me, Mr. Chip S Otatop, was racing down Main road, doing 90 kilometers an hour, but he did it on his bicycle!”

Footnote: The offenders from the Home were all blaming a rabble-rouser called “Spud” for their frivolous antics.

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