You Sure As Hell Get My Vote For This One John!

This has got to be the craziest thing you have read lately…

If you look at the reason for my exclamation:”You sure as hell get my vote for this one Heidi” You sure as hell would be curious at first then when you inspect the content which piked your curiosity to go and see exactly what I had said about Heidi’s post below and how gobsmacked I was when I saw the stats because, quite frankly, your initial curiosity is bound to change to bewilderment, exasperation of surprise at the very least.

Couple this to the impressive stats, collated for that particular comment of mine, it is becoming exceedingly clear, that at least in literary terms “less is more” and to illustrate what I mean, I use this except from a poem I read as a boy, which in the space of 33 words describes infinitely more, called “Reported Missing” where a lone, crippled plane limps home as the last rays of sunlight are fast fading, he is returning from an epic war dogfight, with a German fighter pilot” :

”With a broken wing they limped across the sky, caught in late sunlight, with their gunner dead, one engine gone — the type was out of date — blood on the fuselage turning brown from red. By John Bayliss.