How Instagram made me more creative.

I’ve made my living in commercial production for the past 20 years- some would call me creative. A little more self- deprecating- I often cite a cadre 
of colleagues as far more accomplished; I live and die by the prowess of the team. I bow to their innate gifts, professionalism and disciplined execution.

But something inspirational happened to me when I started managing a social feed for a CA State park this year; I reconnected with my ability to capture good pictures. I remembered that I was truly creative, that I had 
a good eye; that I could see light.

How have I been successfully creating commercial images for 2 decades but disconnected with the essence? It’s a business-freelancing is a business. So that intimate act of my eye resting on the camera was not present for me, 
I was looking at details and considering client comments, photographer’s wishes and producer’s schedules.

The joy is in the making, not in the praise. In cultures and countries other, creation is a spiritual practice; connecting the greater with the practical- I will harvest these apples, placing one on the altar to share with the divine. 
I am making pictures. I am more connected.

With myself.