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I have a photograph of the spot where the case was established. George Washington stands there. There is a plaque. Gist is that the press won against the King who previously could jail or otherwise punish writers for writing & publishing things he didn’t like. It was determined that one could not be punished for writing & publishing the truth in the United States. As long as you publish the truth you cannot suffer from libel or slander. Trump lies about just about everything. Trump will tell you an aircraft carrier is on it’s way to the Sea of Japan. Trump says he can’t show his tax returns because they are under audit. Trump says he has no business with Russians, but he sold a big house to someone connected at an inflated price? What was that about? Son said Trump businesses make a lot of money from Russians. It is standard operating procedure for the rich to use their assets under different names for different purposes. The truth to the rich thereby sort of what they say it is that way.

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