“I’d buy jackets for my dogs!” — Remittance Stories: What would you do with an extra 70 Zloty a month?

Stanislaw, here with Flipper, Baja and Sophie. “Good food for my dogs! Every dog has a jacket with its own hood, so I would buy new jackets for them. I also have 13 cats but they stayed at home. Maybe a new trailer for them…”

At TransferGuru we’re interested not just in how we can save people money, but what potential people can unlock with a little extra each month. So we used WorldBank data on remittance values to work out what you could save if you compared first. And then we set off for Poland to ask people — what would they do with the money they could save if people started using TransferGuru? Tweet at us ‪#‎transferguru‬ — what would you do with an extra 70 Zloty a month?

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Photo/Interview by Jacob Zańczak

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