A tongue-in-cheek post by our co-author, Kamil Michlewski

I want to come out right away. I am a proponent of design thinking and an advocate of weaving design attitude throughout the fabric of an organisation. I believe that there are many circumstances where designers and design thinkers infuse businesses and teams with values conducive to building happier, healthier and more effective businesses and institutions. There are, however, situations and leaders who render design-thinking inputs less effective or even futile.

Here is a list of situations when it is best NOT to use design thinking:

1. When cultural homogeneity and inertia are seen as virtues

There are organisations and leaders who…

Our book outlines the roles that people can take in designing change within organisations. Supported by 13 strong case studies including Steelcase, Spotify, Deloitte Australia, SAP, Telstra, US Department of Veterans Affairs and Accenture & Fjord, the book is a practical tool that helps readers in implementing change within their business. In this introductory piece (originally written for the DesignThinkers Academy London blog), we reflect on what we have learnt from talking to experts and innovation leaders and highlight some of our key findings.

Change is hard. It is ironic that even as the most adaptable animal on the planet…

Transformations By Design

Writings related to the Transformations: 7 Roles to Drive Change by Design book by Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Kamil Michlewski.

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