Roles in a Change Process

While running a change project, it’s important to differentiate between different roles — Stakeholders, Owners, Delegates and Change Manager. Stakeholders are everyone who are impacted by the change both directly and indirectly. Owners(special subset of Stakeholders) are accountable to make the change happen, they will be held responsible if it doesn’t happen. They are supposed to provide leadership, make decisions that others cannot make, and in case of multiple owners they should align with each other on the decision they would like to make. Delegates are people who most likely report to change owners and are asked to make the change happen within the owner’s sphere of influence. The Change Managers role is to facilitate the change — define and own the approach of the change, help owners decide on the goal of the change, provide project & management, bring management thinking and ideas, Question certain assumptions and notions of stakeholders and bring coherence of thinking across stakeholders and design for sustainability.

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