Doppelganger: A Revolutionary NFT Contract by Transient Labs & Patrick Amadon

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3 min readJun 7, 2023


The Doppelganger Mint Site & Patrick Amadon’s Twitter

A few weeks ago we launched an innovative and groundbreaking project with the renowned artist, Patrick Amadon. The project, aptly titled ‘Doppelganger,’ breathes life into art, introducing a groundbreaking smart contract designed to redefine NFT collectibility. Doppelganger prioritizes durability and customization, to create a new experience for collectors.

The “Problem”: Artists often grapple with the dilemma of deciding which pieces should be widely accessible and which ones should be reserved as exclusive 1/1s. To address this issue, Patrick conceived a unique NFT that strikes a balance between accessibility and exclusivity, allowing collectors to own more than just a single edition.

The “Question”: So, why not associate more than one image with a token?

The “Answer”: Transient Labs responded to this question by developing a function within the smart contract that allows multiple images to be added to an array. For us less tech-savvy folk, an array is a list of images that have been linked to a particular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) through the smart contract. Each image in the array has an index, starting from 0 and increasing by one for each subsequent image. This feature enables an unlimited number of images to be attached to a token, giving the NFT owner the liberty to select which image the URI points to and is ultimately displayed. The Doppelganger contract empowers collectors by allowing them to choose between the default image or an alternate version. To underscore the contract-level nature of this functionality, collectors will need to interact directly with the contract via Etherscan. Updating the metadata to a different version will automatically refresh the NFT displayed.

It’s important to remember that while Patrick can always add images to the array, none of the images can ever be removed from the array.

Patrick Amadon approached this project with an emphasis on durability, resulting in a purely contract-based initiative. As artists continue to ponder the longevity of their work, this method offers significant endurance. As long as the Ethereum blockchain remains functional, this smart contract will live on or be repairable if necessary, in contrast to potential issues with iframes and other current infrastructures that may become obsolete.

This dynamic setup also enables the possibility of storytelling and the addition of new artwork over time. Patrick plans to mint future 1/1s on this contract, introducing different versions of the artwork, including full-sized images, cover images, social media sharing images, 4x3 versions, etc. This approach delivers a more cohesive experience for collectors as they no longer need to request separate files.

DoppelGanger Website

Furthermore, Patrick is holding a contest on Wednesday, inviting submissions for the most innovative alternate use case for this contract. It’s always fascinating to witness the creative paths and alternate use cases for smart contracts. While it may be designed for one specific function, it can potentially support an unlimited number of use cases.

Additionally, Patrick has released a whitepaper detailing the Doppelganger contract, its potential use cases, and a walkthrough on how to alter the pointer via Etherscan. We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Patrick on this project and can’t wait for your own creative use cases of the contract in the future!




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