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Soon to be “vintage” streetcar. Iconic and a symbol of Toronto, but not so accessible, especially for those that needed to carry a heavy carriage up the stairs.

Toronto’s iconic streetcar is slowly being replaced by the new, fancier looking streetcars that are more accessible and modern (air conditioned). However, the artists at Our Streetcar believe that the original streetcar design is integral part to Toronto’s culture and history. They’ve launched a project that has completely redesigned the exterior and interior look of streetcar 4178 with a splash of art and colour.

Starting Sept 25, you can use Transit Now app to find the artful streetcar 4178 on 506 Carlton (during the week), 501 Queen (weekends) and 511 Bathurst (during Nuit Blanche Oct 5). Just look for the special streetcar icon on the stop details map (Android only, iOS can still find 4178 on the map), you can’t miss it! …

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Next Vehicle Information screen out of service!

Transit Now, like all other TTC tracker apps and even bus shelter screens, use an open data feed from to show real-time next vehicle info. Unfortunately, every so often, the live feed can go offline or crash. This seems to happen whenever there’s a big update to the TTC schedules, such as a new route being introduced (for example route 508 was newly re-introduced in Sept 2019).

We understand that next bus arrivals are EXTREMELY important for people’s day to day commute. We personally understand the frustration of not knowing when the next bus is coming since we take the TTC as well. That’s why we added a feature that shows TTC’s official time table (also known as “static schedule”) directly inside the app. Some other apps may mislead you to think that their live feed is working, even though it’s an estimated prediction (based on a static schedule). Transit Now explicitly tells you are viewing a static schedule instead of misleading you to believe it’s GPS based. …

If you live in downtown Toronto and not have a Bike Share Toronto membership, you are doing yourself a disservice. Here’s why:

1. Save time

High congestion areas in downtown areas such as King & Spadina can be so slow that you are better off walking than being stuck in an Uber or streetcar. With a bike, you can skip the traffic and get there faster!

2. Save money

With $20 parking prices, surging Uber fees and increasing TTC fares, you’ll be saving cash using bike share instead. The more trips you take, the more you save. …

Living in downtown Toronto, I’m always looking for new forms of transportation. I use the TTC (public transportation), Bike Share, a personal bike, and very recently an electric skateboard. After a month of using an electric skateboard (e-board), here are my thoughts of using the Acton Blink S2 in a big city.

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At almost the size of a regular skateboard, it’s definitely heavier and rides further from the ground.

First ride

I’ve been skateboarding (a regular skateboard) for all my life, so I thought riding an electric skateboard would be easy. Hence, I set my e-board to pro mode (there is beginner/normal/pro modes) and hit full-throttle on my remote. The board immediately shot out of my feet and I almost wiped out. Talk about hubris! Make sure you lean forward when you accelerate and start with beginner mode, no matter how experienced you are with other forms of skate/surf/snow/long-boards. …

I’ve been using Toronto Bike Share for over 2 years now since I moved downtown and I’ve grown to enjoy the convenience it brings to my daily life. For instance, it takes me 10 minutes to walk to the nearest subway station, but I can shrink that commute to 4 minutes by biking. Although it has saved me a lot of time, there have been seriously frustrating situations where walking could have been faster. Determined to avoid future bike share frustrations and disappointed with the current selection of bike share apps, my friend and I created our own solution called Cycle Now. …


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