12 reasons why you should get a Bike Share Toronto membership

If you live in downtown Toronto and not have a Bike Share Toronto membership, you are doing yourself a disservice. Here’s why:

1. Save time

High congestion areas in downtown areas such as King & Spadina can be so slow that you are better off walking than being stuck in an Uber or streetcar. With a bike, you can skip the traffic and get there faster!

2. Save money

With $20 parking prices, surging Uber fees and increasing TTC fares, you’ll be saving cash using bike share instead. The more trips you take, the more you save. You can pay off the yearly membership if you take 16 round-trips instead of the TTC.

3. Having a bike in your back pocket

Having a bike share membership is like having a bike in your swiss army knife (as a fob/card). Imagine being able to take a spontaneous ride home after a night out with your friends.

4. Promote a healthy lifestyle

Our 9–5 desk jobs and Netflix binging already make us sedentary humans. By biking to work, we can live a healthier lifestyle by burning more calories that we would sitting in a car or public transportation.

5. Help the environment

Instead of driving your carbon emitting car2go vehicle for a couple blocks in the city, you can feel proud that you are helping the environment by embracing green transportation.

6. Toronto is becoming more bike friendly city

Many people’s aversion to riding a bike in the city is due to safety concerns with sharing the road with vehicles. Thanks to ever-expanding bike lanes, you can feel more confident riding in your own dedicated bike lane. Help support the cause by signing Cycle TO’s pledge.

7. Complement public transportation

TTC and Bike Share Toronto coupled together can be very efficient in your commutes. For example, if you live far from the subway station, riding a bike to the station can be more time-saving and reliable than waiting for that elusive bus.

8. Safer than a road bike

Thanks to the heavier frame, lower centre of gravity, wider tires, bike share bikes tend to be safer than regular bikes because they’re sturdier and better able to deal with bumpy roads and potholes (a leading cause of cyclist-only crashes). Interestingly, not a single person has died using bike share in the United States. Check out the study at Vox to see other reasons why bike share can be safer.

9. No need for bike storage

If you are lucky and have a spot to safely & easily store your bike in your condo without the burden of having to awkwardly take it down 30 floors in packed elevator and through a fragile glass door entrance for which the front-desk concierge scorns you, then perhaps this doesn’t apply to you. Unfortunately, most urban dwellers live in condos with limited space for a big and dirty bike. Lugging it to your tiny condo might be too much of a hassle and induce friction from embracing this type of transportation. Bike share let’s you avoid this scenario.

10. Owning a bike is expensive

Sure, you can buy a cheap bike from a shady guy on Craigslist, but what about the yearly maintenance cost? Flat tires, rusted chains, relentless winters & unforgiving rain, broken derailleurs, and worst of all, malfunctioning breaks that endanger your life. Not to mention the time wasted having to take in your bike for repairs. Add on the cost for accessories like expensive & heavy locks, racks, bells, and lights that will be stolen as well. And of course, the dreaded thieves that will cut through any lock. I’ll leave this type of expensive hobby to fixie-riding hipsters.

11. Station expansion

The future is bright for Bike Share and we are excited to see what’s next. The city is planning to add a lot more stations which will increase the radius of your trips and more bike share more accessible.

12. Simply fun

As you get older and the corporate grind crushes your soul, sometimes it’s nice to take a leisurely bike ride and explore the city in new ways. PRESTO card holders get a generous discount. The amazing price won’t last long, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today and reap the benefits!