Updates about TransitFinance

After friendly communication with white hat #1 (the biggest hacker), we have both reached a consensus. White hat #1 stated that he would refund the users’ 6,500BNB as soon as possible today, and promised to refund another 3,500BNB when TransitFinance Official initiates the second phase of refunds. Ultimately white hat #1 will keep 2,500 BNB as a bounty for this event.

TransitFinance Official expresses its gratitude to white hat #1 for the refund and promises that if white hat #1 returns the remaining 3500BNB as agreed, TransitFinance Official will no longer hold him any legal responsibility.

At the same time, TransitFinance Official calls on imitators #3 and #6 and arbitrageur #7 to get in touch with the official as soon as possible and return the users’ remaining assets. After October 12, 2022, the judicial process will be officially launched for those who do not refund.

Related addresses:
Hacker#3 (Hacker-imitator)

Hacker#6 (Hacker-imitator)

Hacker#7 (Arbitrager)



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Transit Finance

A Cross-Chain Swap Aggregator Platform on #ETH #BSC #Polygon #Heco #Tron #OEC #HSC #EVMChains and etc. All-in-One, One for All.