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CityU student exposes threats and deals made and offered by leftists in order to infiltrate HKFS

Selected transcript of video:
“They (leftist) said, what does CCP have the most? Its money and power. If you can help me, we can give those to you.” He was introduced to Lam and a mysterious person by a CityU senior, at the meeting, “I saw Lam and a mysterious person (Wong Yiu Ying), they implied they were members of the China-HK Liaison Office, we talked about what they want me to do. If I managed to become the external vice president, they want me to achieve some aims for them in the position and help each other. If I could help them, they said I would not have to worry about my future and money. The path for my future would be much easier.”

The Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) has been supporting the Umbrella Movement to its full content, which makes them a thorn in Beijing’s side. The committee members and leadership in HKFS will be passed on in the coming March, similarly the student unions of various university are electing new cabinet members. The Student Union of the City University was supposed to hold elections between 27th and 28th November. However, two proposed cabinets (“蔚城” & “牽城”) were reportedly being threatened before the election. One of the proposed cabinets (“牽城”) has even withdrawn from the election.

According to the withdrawn cabinet’s External Vice President Kwok Sing Hin Timson(郭星顯), two weeks prior to the election, his proposed cabinet was demanded by the Vice Secretary of the leftist Youth Elites Association (左派組織菁英會) Wong Yiu Ying (王耀瑩) (From video: Wong also is a non-permanent consultant of the Central Policy Unit and has close ties with the Liaison Office) and the pro-Beijing, former staff of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Lam Ka Chun (林嘉駿), to cooperate with leftists after they join the HKFS. Explicitly stating that there will be “unlimited possibility for money and future”.

According to Kwok, “Why they want me to join the HKFS? They said they think that those in HKFS are too radical that they don’t like it. They mentioned that it is for the good of Hong Kong; they wanted to change Hong Kong together, and want me to join HKFS and cooperate with them. This will make the aforementioned “radicals” unable to stir trouble.” Kwok feels that leftist have already infiltrated the cabinet, and thus opted to withdraw from the election rather than working them. It however brought a series of threats which he did not expect.

We have tried to contact Wong and Lam but reporters did not receive a response. Yet few hours afterwards Lam called Kwok with a prepaid simcard and interrogated him on why he exposed the details to the reporters. This is somehow showing that they have indeed made such an invitation.

Selected transcript of video regarding the call:
Kwok: Hello? You are…
Lam: The ones who got betrayed by you. But I tell you this, a few days later when the report goes public, your name will be published and you will become famous. Lets see what you told them regarding when you meet who, whom introduced you to who. But it doesn’t matter, you understand and I understand, (we) knew all along. Good luck, smart kid, this time you will be famous.