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Hong Kong Federation of Students’ response to Police clear out of Mong Kok

Unjust administration deceiving themselves;

Violently trampling over citizens’ demands;

Channel for communication ended without choice;

If not now, when should we wait until to escalate the movement?

Since last Tuesday, Police and bailiffs in Mong Kok have been willfully clearing out while using the reason that they are enforcing court injunction order. The public has witnessed the cruel bailiffs’ empty words and promises as well as their preying stance. CY Leung’s administration abandoning the righteous path and sought for back channels, blindly worshipping violence and despising public opinion. HKFS here expresses extreme indignation and resentment.

As a person conducting civil disobedience, we violated the law in order to achieve justice; we realize that we have take legal responsibility, and we also understand that police have the responsibility to enforce the law. However, enforcing the law does not imply a double standard, it does not imply colluding with the dark and using excessive force. At the start of the clear out, police and bailiffs were not transparent in their actions, causing people to be at a lost. Police and bailiffs also deliberately provoke and arrest protest participants, in an attempt to arouse the protesters’ discontent, thus should be suspected of instigating conflict. First, when the plaintiff’s (who applied for the injunction order) pro-administration member (referring the Maggie Chan Man Ki of DAB) arrived to enforce the injunction order, they did not clearly explain to the people present of the area affected, neither did they give out information on who is going to clear out etc. Second, bailiffs requested for police involvement made the situation chaotic, not to mention bailiffs only requested for police assistance after police have already rushed into the Occupy site; thus there is an issue with the sequence of events. Furthermore, the injunction order only involved removing obstructions; it does not include clearing out the people present. This is an agreement reached in the court judgment, but the plaintiff lawyer went back on their word on the spot, unilaterally decided whether to clear out the people present. As we can see from the above, the court order has become a political cover to allow (them) to do whatever they want. Just as Eric Cheung of HKU faculty of law has said, the political administration is infinitely abusing public authority; this destruction of the rule of law is the irreparable one.

Into the night, the officer hours of the bailiffs are long past, the so-called police cooperation with bailiffs only further intensified. The dark night of Mong Kok repeats, red flags could be seen everywhere. Police were armed to the teeth, and batons and shields are of common sight. Under the flurry of blows, citizens with blood flowing down their faces cries: “Please sheathe your baton!” Anti Riot police remains immovable, continues to use their baton, and even started punching people while the person was restrained with a knee to the neck. On their observation ladders, maddeningly spray the “tear gas water”. “Tear gas water” has a range of over 10m, and through being sprayed onto the foreheads of people, would bypass the goggles and flow into the eyes; compared to pepper spray they are much harder to prepare against. In the narrow alleys, protesters retreated constantly, and called on others to follow; however police surround the protesters from front and back, restricting the area in an attempt to deny citizens a path to leave, clearly this is an attempt to arrest people, and it nearly caused a stampede. Not to mention, news reporter were restrained while filming, and was arrested for assaulting police. Journalists were forced away from the scene. Such violation of freedom of press is shameful. These provocative incidents cannot but make people suspect, are there people at the government complex looking to make Mong Kok uncontrollable, and then allow the incited and frustrated thugs attack people in chaos. Facing the alliance of police and thugs, using name of protecting/loving Hong Kong to frustrate and humiliate citizens, bleach being thrown from the buildings; there is all the ore reason for us now to continue our resistance, remain vigilant, do not forget our original intent, and not to fall into the trap of the government.

Formerly known as one of the worlds’ best enforcement force, now degraded to as a tool of suppression of an autocratic administration. The administration dares to use tyranny, and bury justice. The police force helps the evil and tyrant. The camera scenes of citizens being violently treated is already renowned internationally, notorious across the sea. CY Leung’s government are deceiving themselves; they are giving up the root of the issue and pursuing its end. They cannot solve the people’s problems, and actually go “solve” (end) the people who suggested the problem. The administration uses the injunction order as trickery; using the name of enforcing court order, willfully and shamelessly clear out. Even if you could clear out the tents on the roads, the crowd on the streets, you definitely will not clear brewing anger within the hearts of Hong Kong people against this unjust and shameless government; and more certainly will not clear away the despicable trail of evidence that will remain in the papers of history that will remain notorious for the ages of those in power. The political question was never resolved; the society faces fragmentation and a gulf of differences. To what extent is the Hong Kong government trying to force everyone to?

2 months ago today, students restored Civic Square, opening the page for the umbrella movement. Hong Kong people showed the world the righteous roar of “I want real universal suffrage”, a glorious and honorable civil disobedience campaign that will set precedence in the world. We had multiple times tried various forms of communication; we sincerely exchanged with officials, but unfortunately the government were uncompromising in the key demands — revoke NPCSC decision and to restart the 5 step electoral reform process. Afterwards, we send open letters to Xi Jinping, CPPCC Tung Chee-Hwa and Rita Fan, stating the people’s demands. After two months, officials either have decided to put themselves out of the situation, or remain silent, or rescind return permits, or blindly worship violent clear out. Such an unmovable and uncompromising stance, allowing public discontent to boil, will only result in political consequences that will be even more intense and even larger in scale. Students fulfilled their responsibility and gave the greatest effort they could to display sincerity, but the path of dialogue is already at an end. If the Hong Kong Government continues to pray and beg for an alliance between police and thugs, by fair means or foul, go against the zeitgeist, we will be forced to take the next step.

Hong Kong Federation of Students

November 26th 2014

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