Transmute solves for offline traceability with Tangem.

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Supply chains are complicated. While over 80% of logistics companies are investing in digitization to bring their supply chains into the 21st century, at the end of the day, not every step along the way can be web-enabled. Provable identification is equally as important in these offline gaps, but far harder to achieve; part of the problem is ensuring seamless traceability across events like shipment handoffs [and associated documentation exchange] that happen offline versus the ones that occur online.

Transmute has been working on a solution: tying DIDs to Tangem NFC Cards, which carry a passport-grade secure chip, which implements public key cryptography. Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that enables things like contactless payments (e.g. Apple or Android pay), but it’s also being more increasingly used in supply chains for things like inventory and warehouse management [via contactless counting of products on shelves]. Much like DIDs, they provide unique identification for the objects they represent (like your cell phone), but they’re notoriously limited when it comes to data storage and as such have long been outpaced by other web-enabled identification technologies like the QR code. …

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Data protection is an imminent challenge for modern society, as evidenced by the slew of data privacy regulations being introduced in most nations. However data privacy means much more than audits or reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Threats to data security are continuously evolving to meet economic and political aims, and as such, data privacy approaches must be even more rigorous to ensure success.

Secure data storage is one critical component of data privacy. While significant work is underway to develop storage technologies that both preserve personal privacy AND and are accessible for the general public to use, there is an equally crucial race among government and commercial entities to deploy storage solutions that better protect IP while enabling efficient and automated compliance. …

Happy New Year from the Transmute Team!

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It was a busy second half of 2019 for Transmute.

We’re excited to announce we’ve kicked off our work with Department of Homeland Security Silicon Valley Innovation Program on a contract exploring tracing raw material imports into the US.

We’ll be leveraging our work with the Decentralized Identity Foundation and W3C to help DHS to build interoperable decentralized identity and verifiable credentials solutions. …



Powering verifiable supply chains with enterprise-grade decentralized identity products.

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