Transmute solves for offline traceability with Tangem.

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Supply chains are complicated. While over 80% of logistics companies are investing in digitization to bring their supply chains into the 21st century, at the end of the day, not every step along the way can be web-enabled. Provable identification is equally as important in these offline gaps, but far harder to achieve; part of the problem is ensuring seamless traceability across events like shipment handoffs [and associated documentation exchange] that happen offline versus the ones that occur online.

Transmute has been working on a solution: tying DIDs to Tangem NFC Cards, which…

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Data protection is an imminent challenge for modern society, as evidenced by the slew of data privacy regulations being introduced in most nations. However data privacy means much more than audits or reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Threats to data security are continuously evolving to meet economic and political aims, and as such, data privacy approaches must be even more rigorous to ensure success.

Secure data storage is one critical component of data privacy. While significant work is underway to develop storage technologies that both preserve personal privacy AND and are accessible for the general public to use, there is…

Happy New Year from the Transmute Team!

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It was a busy second half of 2019 for Transmute.

We’re excited to announce we’ve kicked off our work with Department of Homeland Security Silicon Valley Innovation Program on a contract exploring tracing raw material imports into the US.

We’ll be leveraging our work with the Decentralized Identity Foundation and W3C to help DHS to build interoperable decentralized identity and verifiable credentials solutions. …

Diving Deep into Decentralized Identity

With the record-setting heat waves all around, the Transmute team is staying cool indoors and focusing on the next wave of digital identity technologies.

Surviving the heat.

On the Product front, customer discovery and user testing work continues to inform our development roadmap. We’ve kept focus on the pain points that supply chain logistics companies experience, and we spend time each week working with these organizations to map their workflows. Supply chain logistics companies are particularly interesting with how they manage their extended business networks as they compete for new business. …

Transmute is pleased to introduce a block explorer for Element and Sidetree Full Nodes…with some extra bells and whistles.

Check it out here:

We’ve made some serious upgrades to the Element-lib which is the javascript library we use to implement the Element DID. As we mentioned in our last post here, Element is a Sidetree Protocol based DID Method that relies on Ethereum and IPFS. Our implementation is unique in that we provide a JavaScript library that runs in both the browser and node.js, in addition to providing a server-based REST API.

Our first implementation of Element enabled users to anchor their DID directly via a MetaMask-powered DApp thanks to Infura, and also use our “Full Node” to…

The Sidetree Protocol Implemented on Ethereum

Transmute is excited to announce Element, an implementation of the Sidetree Protocol on top of Ethereum and IPFS. This work was done in collaboration with Microsoft and Consensys under the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

This is our first release of a working implementation of the protocol on Ethererum and IPFS, so stay tuned for further development!

See also: ion, sidetree-core, sidetree-ethereum, sidetree-ipfs

Why another DID Method?

We love `did-ethr,’ but not every use case can support a single Ethereum transaction per document update, and there are lots of cases where we would like to use decentralized identities (DIDs) for ephemeral or high volume use cases, such as IoT and supply chain integrations which make this approach impractical.

We’re excited to use the serviceEndpoints defined in Element…

Product Validation Continues

Rounding out March with a strong presence at SXSW, the Transmute team was on the road a lot in April. We returned from Oracle Open World Singapore and the Internet Identity workshop in Mountain View with a full sales pipeline and product feedback. Notably, we uncovered tremendous demand for Transmute ID in the SMB market, so we’ve decided to shift to a subscription model with tiered offering in addition to our enterprise deployments.

Our first product-specific logo!

Upon deciding to pursue a SaaS model, we dedicated the majority of our development resources in April to completion of the freemium Transmute ID app for individuals.

Default Slack Setting Lead to Unwanted Exposure

This post is to notify our community that email addresses and names in our slack community were temporarily exposed. The issue was reported privately to us, but we wanted to share what happened, the timeline, and our sincere apologies for not initially configuring our slack community correctly.

We have an open slack channel to facilitate efficient communications to and among our open source community and customers. In this case, the default slack security settings combined with our intention to be open exposed our community in a way we never intended. We apologize for this oversight, and we greatly appreciate our…

Transmute ID + Sidetree

March was an excellent month of development at Transmute! We released a new version of Transmute ID with an enhanced credential attestation workflow that leverages verifiable credentials, decentralized identities, OAuth and Ethereum. We’ve also made significant progress on Sidetree Ethereum, which we intend to use for attestations initially, and eventually for much more scalable decentralized identities.


Sidetree is a protocol and architecture for layer 2 solutions, also known as a scaling solution for blockchains. The idea is to batch work performed off chain and anchor the batches on chain. …

Refining Transmute ID for Logistics

Transmute Overdrive by: Tripp Johnston

February brought rapid ideation and development for the Transmute team. We are continuing to build the bridge between centralized and decentralized systems by focusing on high-value applications of hybrid identities and verifiable credentials to business workflows.

We completed dozens of new customer discovery interviews this month, mapping our core feature set to established enterprise workflows and pain points. The crux of these interviews continues to center around improved tracking and easier communication for logistics companies (Shippers, Brokers, 3PL, Carriers, and Drivers).

Below is an example workflow, adapted to demonstrate driver credential attestation with Transmute ID…


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