Transparency Now Policy Platform

Preliminary Notes

  1. Get money out of politics — end Citizen’s United, ban lobbying, ban private campaign donations
  2. Set term limits on congress (and, of course, keep term limits on the president)
  3. Ranked-choice voting
  4. Universal basic income
  5. Net neutrality
  6. Reduce the power and secrecy of the unelected intelligence/law enforcement agencies, e.g., CIA, NSA, FBI, and make them accountable to the citizens
  7. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, end the Patriot Act, close Guantanamo
  8. Stop international weapons deals
  9. Stop participating in wars that are not strictly for self-defense — stop regime-change wars, stop intervening in other people’s wars, stop getting involved in wars for oil and resources, etc.
  10. Transparency — records of government activity, meetings, communications, and financial transactions should be open and accessible to all citizens (with only extremely rare and time-limited exceptions pertaining to verified national security threats)