The Lost Wings of Freedom: Prologue

So I’m currently writing a small fan fiction on Attack on Titan; otherwise known as Shingeki n0 Kyojin. Now its not one of those really creepy, weird, perverted ones. Its like the AoT Story except set in a different location and with different characters. I hope you enjoy. Also please keep in mind that I’m still working on times and dates in the story and that I’m quite new to writing.

The year was 1976, the first titan shifters were found in 2 cities: Sapporo and Hiroshima. The shifters were found in their titan form roaming the city. It took the two cities two to six weeks to take them down and subsequently find out they were controlled by a human. They’ve been kept in secrecy; learning how to fight, control and build up energy. Then that faithful day came, the day humanity came close to extinction.

That day when titans suddenly surrounded cities, killed people and wiped out entire armies, was the day when the shifters were released to fend off the titans. Mechanics and scientists were working together on how to combat the creatures. When they finally came up with something, they gave it to a shifter and made sure that the shifters were able to escape the giant waves of creatures. They then were able to find land where they could create walls to protect the remainder of humanity and to act as a safe haven. When the shifter of Sapporo reached his destination, he was never seen again; when the shifter of Hiroshima reached her destination, she created the walls known as Terrestia, Dynasty and Haven, each wall being given their name as a tribute.

The outer wall, Terrestia, is a tribute to the lands where these walls were created. The middle wall, Dynasty, was a tribute to the city of Hiroshima; the Hiroshima Dynasty. Then there was the centre wall named Haven which was the most secure wall of them all. It was two times thicker than the other two and two times taller than the others. It was named, Haven and is the last safe haven of the three walls.