How I got my VERIFIED Twitter account banned

*Everything I am about to write is factual and proof of my account is archived here*/*

I am writing this because I am tired of being silenced. Hopefully Jack Dorsey Ev Williams and Biz Stone read this.

Back in 2010, my friends told me to join a *relatively* new social network called Twitter where people could follow you instead of simply adding you as a friend and I loved it. Everything was in real time and people could broadcast your tweets to their followers with a “retweet”. I saw this as an opportunity to get popular and either market music or business ideas.

Over the next 2 years, I built a real following of 30k followers and received a verification badge in 2012 when I was 19. I was excited, my plan was working! I built several clothing lines and was able to make money while still in college. Twitter was perfect to me and I thought I could make it better. I started conceptualizing ways I could improve Twitter and maybe even work with them. As a naive 19 year old, I thought I could message the @ Verified account with my ideas and if they used them, I would either get credit or compensation for my ideas like the kid who came up with “Pull to refresh”.(link I was tired of my notifications being all in one with RTs,Likes, and mentions in one panel. I thought filtered mention should've been a feature.

Pictured below are the screenshots of the convo(my avi was Peter Griffin that day but it is definitely me)

As you can see, they said my ideas wouldn’t work. That stated to me that they would not use these ideas and had no plan to.

Fast forward to 2017, I started putting out music again and picked up a bunch of new followers with my single called “Losing My Mind”. I tweeted a video snippet that earned over 5M impressions and almost a million media views.

Everything was going great, I was gaining millions of tweet impressions, 800k+ profile visits and thousands of followers monthly and my analytics were picking up rapidly!

pics of statistics

Then on March 1st 2017, I was looking through my DMs with @ verified and was amazed that they used my EXACT ideas without any credit or anything after they said it wouldnt work. I read in the terms that anything you post on Twitter is theirs to own but at the same time I thought DMs were private? I never tweeted the ideas, it was a 2 way convo, no different than an email. This is their terms as of 2017, but it doesn't distinguish if private DMs were data and information they own.

Most feedback is given in Tweet form, my situation is different. Does Twitter own Intellectual property in DMs?

Hindsight is 20/20, I guess a NDA or (You cannot use my IP without permission) should’ve been written before the message.

So I tweeted the DM to see what my followers had to say about my situation. Honestly, I said stole to get more clicks.(pics in tweets were pictures posted above)

After gaining over 1M impressions and 250k+ media engagements I received mixed emotions yet no one could deny they used my ideas. Some said that I shouldn’t have told them my ideas but most said it was morally wrong for not giving credit or compensation for my intellectual property. I was 19 at the time and thought there would be some type of obligation on their side before using my ideas but I have definitely learned the hard way.

Following posting this, Twitter unverified me which made me think they were trying to take my credibility away. If I wasnt verified, i wouldnt be able to message @verified or see the messages(good thing I screenshotted it). Following this, a Mashable journalist(will not give their name) reached out to me.

They were done writing a piece and when they contacted Twitter, the response was “We do not respond to individual cases” then a Mashable editor told them not to post it. This is more proof they tried to stop this from getting more attention, Mashable usually only posts good things about twitter.

Then they put this on my profile with no porn posts or anything

After this, I tried contacting people at Twitter and then one day, my account was suspended. 7 years of building this account and gaining 100k+ followers and MILLIONS of tweet impressions monthly, everything gone.

Talk about censorship. I am amazed to what Twitter is turning into, banning people, shadow banning(hiding tweets from people followers) , adding likes to timelines, poor algorithms that only show popular tweets from yesterday, and hiding replies with curse words.

In closing, I just wanted to share my story(ironically on a platform Ev Williams and Biz Stone own.) I will continue my passion of being a creative mind and I have faith that I will make an impact on this planet, one way or another. My story will be heard and even if it takes time, I will rebuild what I lost and let the world know how i’ve been treated. I’ve learned much from this experience and I want to thank you for reading.

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