Knock Box #4745

Cash Box, Content Box, Checker Box

Don’t try to run from it. We’re all trapped in our own boxes. The Cash Box has you chasing cars, houses, and the next billion giga pixel plasma TV. The Context Box is focused on academics. The person with four Master’s Degrees and two Ph.D’s…who can’t find work. The Checker Box is where ignorance lives; waiting for the next tweet, FaceBook gossip, number of Friends and Likes. Trapped in the relentless wheel of FOMO.

I don’t kid myself. My prison is the Knowledge Box. I get it. I can see the other boxes. I don’t mock them. I don’t like them either. And, long as they stay constrained, confined to their side of the school yard, things will be just great. I’m content in learning about them. Watching how they scurry around the world lost, afraid and not even knowing it. Just an aching feeling in the pit of their stomach…not the Fear of Missing Out so much, but the vague sense that there must be more to life. Don’t fret. I haven’t found it yet either. It’s the search that drives me.

E. Parker III