Good try, but I’m curious to know how you managed to ignore the 107 words surrounding that…
Michael Noker

“It’s totally acceptable, I’m just going to talk down about it and characterize those interested it as people who enjoy ‘farting during sportsball’” The tone of that section was clearly condescending toward people who like those things, but you can absolve yourself from it with “but it’s totally OK if you like that stuff.”

You make seem like we should shame everyone into being attracted to everyone. I’ve had women I’ve connected with on every level save physical but would never date because I’m a homosexual. Well, guess I’m a total misogynist because I’m not attracted to women or biologically female genitalia. I should just change that “preference” about myself and start being attracted to women. PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE. I agree that saying, “No blacks, no fems” is a total dick move, but whatever: Some people are jerks, get over it and move on with you day. It’s if you expect everyone to cater to your delicate sensibilities on every medium in every environment: That will never happen. It’s better to learn to how ignore those people. Learn some coping skills. The world is not perfect and is never going to be perfect: You can’t change that. All you can do change how to react to it.

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