A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

Not a Trump fan here…so don’t take this as a defense of him…but the MSM brought this on themselves. They cherrypick and quote mine clips to push their narrative & spit out agenda pushing claims without fact checking.

Their ignorance is just as disgusting. They’ve been doing it for years, and their b/s is finally coming to light…

And this is both sides FYI — but the left controls most of the MSM (outside of Fox who is just as guilty).

So I’d say they brought this upon themselves.

They tried to paint Mitt Romney as some Hitler tyrant in 2012— and then an actual problem (Trump) comes along and they use the same rhetoric. Romney looks like a savior now…but they were too interested in agenda pushing that they lost credibility.

They jump to a level 12 over his tweets but when he does something that’s actually bad — like manipulate the market through tax breaks for big corporations (aka crony capitalism) — they’re way more quiet about it.

Their intentional narrative pusing is why they’re going downhill — and fast.

When you cry wolf too much — you’re going to get called out.

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