22 Delicious Cambodian Dishes You Need to Try

1. Fish amok

2. Kuy teav

3. Mango and sticky rice

4. Beef loc lac

5. Banana flower salad

6. Pumpkin Custard

7. Crab and pepper

8. Chive cakes

9. Rolled banana cake

10. Green mango salad

11. Khmer curry

12. Cheik Chien

13. Pork and rice

14. Nom Banh Chok

15. Prahok

16. Lort Cha

17. Iced coffee

18. Ang dtray-meuk

19. Bamboo sticky rice

20. Steamed pork buns

Bonus Cambodian Dishes:

21. Balut

22. Tarantulas



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