Huge arenas, infectious music, loud, enthusiastic crowds; a music festival is a celebration of the power of music and its ability to connect with its listeners irrespective of where they come from or what language they speak. Around the world, music festivals call out to music enthusiasts that enjoy different genres of music while also seeking out a fun getaway from their daily lives. Here are some of the best music festivals that offer great music guaranteed to leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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8 Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Lots of people avoid taking lots of skincare items on vacation. But this overlooks the fact that our skin needs care even when we’re travelling. This is just one of the many skincare mistakes that we make. Straying from your regular skincare routine can result in all sorts of issues, from dry skin to bad breakouts. Here are some common travel skincare mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Online Skincare Tips from the Expert

30 Amazing Things To Do In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of India’s largest cities and is full of historic sites and iconic monuments. It is also a city of extremes — home to some of the world’s most expensive homes along with the biggest slums, and there are lots of things to do in Mumbai. The city also is the heart of India’s largest film industry, and Bollywood fills much of the city with a unique breath of life.

There is something for everyone in Mumbai. However, this profusion of attractions can overwhelm any new visitor. …

Dark skies present the most amazing views and here’s where you can spot the best of them.

Best Places In The World For Stargazing

The human race has tried to decode the stars, the sky, and the great beyond since the beginning of time. Some look for their future, while others use the stars to get back home. Most of us look towards the skies in wonder. But clear nights and starry skies have gotten rarer, thanks to increasing amounts of light and air pollution. Stargazing has become a difficult task. However, there are some spots that are unique in their vantage point of a view of…

Have a look at these simple home workouts which will help you keep fit without overwhelming you.

Easy Exercises To Do At Home

Of course, it’s tough to make a habit of working out. And with the recent lockdown and social isolation restrictions, we have spent a disproportionate amount of time in bed or on our couch. Considering the amount of unprecedented stress created, we don’t blame or judge you. But, ironically, this is the moment when you need to exercise the most. Even a minimal amount of easy exercises to do during quarantine has been proved to be a mood booster, excellent for your mental…

Check out these Fun baking recipes

20 Easy Baking Recipes To Try At Home

As we enter our third month (yikes!) of the lockdown, many of us are finding different ways to distract or entertain ourselves in our homes. During these unprecedented times, we all are seeking refuge and solace with different hobbies and trends. One of the most popular ones would be baking. It does not just satisfy our craving for something sweet but it’s also quite therapeutic which helps to ease depression and anxiety. According to GoodNet, “Baking stimulates the senses — the feel of the flour, the sound of the blender, and of course the…

Eco Friendly Travel Products

As tourists and travellers, we have a unique responsibility. Travel is, by its very nature, very unsustainable, and so, being an eco-friendly traveller is the need of the hour. And to do this, we all need to stock up on some essential eco-friendly travel products.

Over the years, the impact of travel impact on the environment has gradually increased, as the number of tourists has also risen; the mess they leave behind has also increased. How can we be better? One of the easiest ways to reduce the negative impact of travel is by travelling in an eco-friendly way.


Kerala’s biggest festival is here. Onam is the harvest festival and it signals the end of monsoons. The festival is celebrated with high enthusiasm and the best part about it is the delicious Onam food that is served.

Learn Easy Recipes From The Malabar Cuisine Online

Here Is A List Of Delicious Onam Food

This simple dish somehow never bores me. This is so simple and yet everyone has a different style of making it. The typical Kerala style of making a sambar is so savoury and no one can easily get over it.

The city has deep connections with its roots, and is the perfect destination for authentic food, exquisite clothing and a peek into old world nawabi culture.

The city that has hosted a few of the most powerful empires in Indian history is more than just its tehzeeb (culture in Urdu). Where India says atithi devo bhava (the guest is God in Sanskrit), Lucknow follows up with its mehman nawazi (hospitality in Hindi). Monuments, Mughals culture, and accompanying magic — just a few things that Lucknow is famous for. It is one of the few cities where you never run out…

The Best Things To Do In Delhi As A Local

Delhi is literally an astounding cornucopia of history, culture, cuisine, commerce, and street life, which will give countless opportunities to discover fun, food, and places in different ways that can give you some finest days and experiences. Personally, I would recommend so many things for you all to see and do in Delhi (for first-timers), but keeping the time and word constraint, the first suggestion that pops in my mind is: Drop the 10 most visited spots in Delhi, and pick what the locals see and do. Well, you must be wondering what are they? Well, I am here to…


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