10,000 Kilometres in 24 hours

So here we are, finally off on the trip that I’ve been ranting about for quite some time now. I’ve spent 3 days now in Thailand and I still don’t think it’s hit me just yet.

So after packing my bag twice (both times still a little bit inebriated from all the celebrations of my departure), I said my goodbyes and off to the airport we went. It was here I met Domo,after we both got through security. Unfortunately for us, we both had different flights so we were traveling to Bangkok solo, as he was flying with Etihad, Abu Dhabi was his first destination with a connecting flight to Bangkok soon after landing.

Myself feeling the need to save as much money as possible, decided to take budget travel to the extreme and first fly to Dusseldorf in Germany, Kiev in the Ukraine and finally to Bangkok.

The first thing I noticed upon my arrival in Germany was my inability to communicate with anyone. Even though German’s naturally speak very good English and I took 6 years of German in school (it was quite apparent very quickly that I had forgotten most of it), even when asking basic questions I still felt rather half-witted having to ask for everything to be explained to me in English. Also when buying what I thought was a salad with feta cheese and broccoli in the Supermarket during my layover, I quickly realised after a few bites I’d just bought a tub of quick cook veg for a stir fry and what I thought was feta cheese was actually raw cauliflower. Being that I was now a world class traveller in training living off a shoestring budget, I took it upon myself to eat the whole thing.

Next after finishing what one might regard as vegan food porn, I was off to my next destination in Kiev in the Ukraine. My first thought as many of you may also have ‘is this where Chicken Kiev’s originated from?’. Sadly I was only there for a brief 20 minutes before we were all rushed on to my last flight of the day; a lovely 9 hour flight non-stop to Bangkok- so my question was never answered.

The flight wasn’t too bad if you enjoy not having any in-flight movies, questionable airline food and screaming children (in fairness I was a bit upset as well after eating what I think was an omelette).

Upon arrival to Bangkok it was another hour waiting through immigration to get my entry stamp into the country and since my flight had been delayed by an hour due to bad weather in Kiev- there was 2 feet of snow on the wings of the plane that needed to be removed- my poor Domino had to wait 4 hours for me in the airport. We hailed a taxi which brought us to our lovely little hotel The Seven Luck in the heart of Bangkok for the cheap price of 700 baht (about €10). We were there no longer than 10 minutes and we’d already passed out on the bed, traveling for 24 hours and only sleeping about 3 tends to do that to a person if you didn’t already know.

Although I do seem to complain in this post, it’s written for humour and I actually thought I was going to burst with excitement the entire journey. Next post will be about our time in Bangkok.

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Peace & Love