Philippines Tourism & Culture: A Travel Guide to Philippines

Combining natural beauty and approximately 800 islands, along with baking sandy pristine beaches and national museums, including historical places to shopping malls and then exploring beautiful Manila culture, booking cheap flights to Philippines is a worthwhile travel destination for everyone.
Famous Tourist Attractions in Philippines
For many Philippine is a place to visit and see, since it has more than enough exciting attractions for both the locals as well as international travelers such as Palawan Island, Siargao Island, Aurora and Cemento. There are around about 800 islands in Philippines. All of these islands are best places for surfers, fish hunters, hiking, mountain biking, and photography.
• You can also plan to travel around Subic Bay on the west coast of Luzon, since this place offers an exciting scuba diving activity for backpackers. The Luzon is a home to several wrecks for example San Quintin, and Oryoku Maru. While exploring Philippine as the next travel destination, one should never forget to book cheap flight to Philippines since it is one of the scenic destinations in the world.
• Within the Manila capital city of Philippine, you will find a walled city known as “Intramuros”. This walled city was completely devastated during the World War II, but was reinstated in the 1980s. The oldest city has remnants of the Spanish era. Manila is an active city since it has plenty of big shopping malls, retail shops and wholesale stores. This is among the most verdant cities of the world because of it has lots of trees, botanic gardens, greenery and all kinds of natural beauty.
• You can visit to several museums in Manila like the National Museum and the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Furthermore, you can have a visit to the American Military Cemetery and Memorial, since it has heaps of WWII graves.
• You can also explore lots of beaches in Philippines such as, Boracay, Pagudpud, Mactan Island, Panglao, Camiguin, Dakak and Pearl Farm.
• Other attractions in Philippines include: Cordilleras (rice terraces in Northern Luzonare), Chinatown on the banks of the Pasig River, Coconut Palace, Mount Pinatuba (a trekking place in Manila), Puerto Azul Beach, Marbella Marina Beach and Manila Bay.
• In addition, you should never forget to take cheap flights to Cebu, since it is another scenic destination for both locals and international travelers.
Philippines Culture
Philippines Traits and Social Values: The Philippine has a unique blend of both East and West cultures, as lots of Spanish, Japanese, American and the British people are living in Philippines today. The Filipinos have unique cultural values, social laws and traditions. They have traits that are akin to both Asian and Hispanic. The bayanihan and Bayanihan are among the popular social values of Filipinos.

Filipino Women: The Filipino women have played a critically important role in the Philippine society. The Filipino women are liberal minded, well educated and hard working and they know their equal rights with men. Thus, Filipinos women contribute a great deal to Philippines economy.

Philippines Nightlife: One of the most beautiful aspects about Filipino’s life is nightlife, as there are several pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment centres in this country.

The Philippines Foods and Wines: They are so popular in the world. The most popular Philippine recipes are Lechon, Kare-kare, Sinigang, Adobo, and Seafood. The Philippines wines are very famous all over the world, as they are tasty, delicious and mouth-watering. The rice, lambanog, tuba, and basi wines are among the most popular wines in Philippine today.

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