Seize the Real African Holiday Experience in Cameroon

It is exotic. It is beautiful as much as it is adventurous. It is Africa in Miniature! Yes, Cameroon is the place to be in this year. Located in the West Africa, Cameroon is a country that shares borders with Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Nigeria, Gabon and the Congo Republic.

Cameroon embraces and offers all aspects of the rich African culture to its visitors. Unlike other holiday destinations, tourists will be excitingly overwhelmed by the wealth of experiences that Cameroon has in store. Take one of the cheap Cameroon flights and stopover in the land of beauty. The alluring place and the enjoyable things to be done on a Cameroonian holiday will forever become an incredible part of your travel memoirs.

Take a Dip in Cameroon’s Striking Beaches

No one can describe beauty if they haven’t seen Beach Limbe and Kribi of Cameroon. The former is a whole town that is popular for its beaches. Tourists from all over the world take Cameroon flights to come and swim or spend a relaxing day at the location of black sand beaches. Once you have been rejuvenated by the soft warm sand under your feet, take a trip to the nearby shops to buy a traditional souvenir for home-taking. Don’t forget to sip at the local bars along the beaches and have an interesting chat with a local.

The Dja Faunal Reserve will Free Your Spirits

Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the DJA Faunal Reserve is a protected magnificent rainforest. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, board one of the international flights to Cameroon and leave it to Dja Faunal Reserve to bring you a glimpse of the real untouched nature. The diversity of floras and faunas in the reserve will not only enrich your cultural experience there but also enhance your travel photography experience.

Visit Douala and Worship the Nature

Have you always been the backpacker with the eyes for beauty? Head to Douala and indulge yourself. The Mount Cameroon and the sight it has to offer will leave you positively dazzled. Find the hot deal flights to Cameroon at Travel Beeps instantly and catch the opportunity to walk through the Douala footpath and find the Cameroon Artisan Market. You can buy souvenirs of the beautiful trinkets that the locals make by hand or you can find your way to the popular Museum of Douala and see the majestic African arts.

Embrace the African Cameroon Arts & Indulge Your Taste Buds with the African Cuisine

Tourists will find abundant of handicraft stores in the Bonapriso and Douala quarter. If you have friends and families back home who are eager to hear all about your fabulous African holiday, you could please them by buying memorable souvenirs for them. The most famous of these are the bead bracelets that you can get at reasonable prices (bargaining skill will come in handy here).

However, your holiday will never be completed unless you have tasted the zest of the local cuisine. Fill your plate with the colors of African cocoyam, rice, Ndole and Achu. You will go home very happy and satisfied.

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