Understanding the secret code of vapers


So you’ve bought yourself an e-cigarette and have found some scrummy e Liquids that you love, surely that’s all you need to know about the world of vaping?

Although you can certainly get by on what you have, to understand everything that’s written about vaping, you’ll first have to decode the secret language used.

From its roots as an underground activity through to its emergence into the mainstream, vaping has always used its own secret code. For the uninitiated, here’s an explanation of some of the most common terms and what they mean.

We explore the world of the vaper

A throat hit or a throat kick

For those in the world outside vaping, a throat hit sounds like something most unpleasant, and possibly most associated with an assault or a mugging. However to a vaper, a throat hit is actually highly desirable.

The term is used to describe the sensation which is experienced when the vapor reaches the back of the throat. The better the throat hit, the more satisfying the vaping experience will be.


This made sound like the Buddhist meditation chant, but for a vaper the ohm is an important technical specification which should be checked before making a purchase.

An ohm measures the resistance levels in an atomizer; the lower the ohm in a vaping device, the greater the throat hit that can be achieved.


Something you might normally associate with boats, a vaper thinks of something entirely different when he hears about the deck.

Coils and wicking are essential to the function of an e-cigarette and the deck is the part where you can find them.


When normally used to describe something, stinky isn’t normally a complimentary term. It’s the same for a vaper but slightly more specific; a stinky is a tobacco cigarette.


Famous for being the arch-enemy of the Rockers, Mods had a distinct fashion style. But for vapers, a mod simply means a modified e-cigarette.


Typically an event involving too much water in places it shouldn’t be, the word “flooding” refers to an equally undesirable thing for vapers. If you suffer from flooding, you’ll have gotten e Liquid down the centre tube and you’ll be facing a clean-up job before you can settle down for a puff.


A slightly misspelt version of the precursor to digitalisation, analog is a term also used to mean a traditional tobacco cigarette in the vaping world.


This one might leave you scratching your head, but it simply means the slightly unhygienic habit of vaping whilst on the toilet!


An unmistakable part of the male anatomy, vapers use this acronym to mean something entirely different. A PENIS refers to a Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System — just make sure you don’t mix the two up!


Either a book in the Bible or a well-known soft-rock band, Genesis has an entirely different meaning for vapers. A type of atomizer which is re-buildable, a Genesis holds the e Liquid below the coils.


Another acronym found used by vapers, typically at an academic level, ENDS refers to an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System.


What you might want to do with a tobacco cigarette after you’ve switched to vaping, the throw also refers to the distance a switch on a modified e-cigarette will travel before it fires.


Not a reference to an individual’s self-esteem, an eGo is an umbrella term often used to describe second generation vaping devices.


This could be either an army vehicle designed for use in combat, or else the place where the e Liquid is held inside the atomizer.

Dripping Atomizer


As you make your way in the vaping community you’ll find many more words with different meanings than you may be used to. This guide to decoding the secret language of vapers will be a good start to understanding what everyone is talking about!

Image Credits: A Currell and Wikipedia


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