Charity ICO Donations

TRF is honored to present our first donations to charity from our Charity ICO which we ran last month and reached the hardcap in a few days. We want to reaffirm our commitment to donations and let our community know that they will be helping children in need all around the world.
We are doing monthly donations to three different institutions. We wish to help as much as we can, so we do not think it would be ideal to donate everything to just one institution.

The Save Children Fund

Our first donation is to The Save Children Fund, commonly known as Save the Children, which is an international non-governmental organisation that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1919 in order to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

Read more about Save the Children:

Mercy Centre Thailand

Our second donation is to Mercy Centre. Mercy Centre is an institution in Thailand which has a shelter for street kids, five orphanages, a hospice, a home for mothers and children with HIV/AIDS, a 400-pupil kindergarten, a community meeting place, and a serene haven in the slums with small gardens and playgrounds. They also offer a lot of community services as Housing (construction and repair), Community Organization, Drug Rehabilitation, Documentation, Sports, Financing, Klong Toey Women’s Group and Savings & Loan and many more!

Read more About Mercy Centre:

Asean Education Center

Our third donation is to The HHN Foundation Thailand. They are NGO registered under Thai law, promoting sustainable human, social and economic development. Founded in May 2008 in Pattaya, we focus on issues related to children and adolescents. They operate the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) for street children and support the Pattaya Orphanage, as well as the Sotpattana School for the Deaf and other projects. Together those projects provide help, a home, an education and a future for almost 300 ill, orphaned, or disabled children and street children in Thailand.

Thank you again for your contribution and know that you are helping to change the lives of many children.

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