Desktop Windows Wallet Release

As promised, we are finally announcing our Destkop Wallet for Windows version. This is one more safe way to store your TRF coins. The TRF wallet supports encrypting the wallet.dat file with a password. This provides several benefits. You can set a password before ever sending any TRF. It also protects your TRF coins if your computer was hacked, your Hard Disk gets damaged or the wallet.dat file was stolen. The attacker would need to crack your password in order to get access to your private key and steal your coins.

Download it now!

When you open our wallet for the first time, it will need to sync with the network, so just wait. If it does not sync, please download and add this file in the C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\TravelFlex

How to Secure, Backup, Restore, or Transfer your TRF Wallet

To encrypt your wallet, click Settings > Encrypt Wallet. You will then be asked for a password. Use a strong password that you will never forget. If you lose your passphrase you also lose your coins!

Your wallet will now close to complete the encryption process. When you re-open your wallet it will be encrypted.

Backing Up Your Wallet

You should always have a back up of your wallet. Remember that your coins are stored in the blockchain and not on your computer. The wallet is a way to access them. The private key for this wallet is in the wallet.dat file. Make sure to save it in a safe place in order to recover your wallet in another PC. You do not need to create a new backup each time you send or receive the coins because remember, they are stored on the blockchain.

Go to File > Backup Wallet and save the wallet.dat file in a safe and secure location.

Restoring Your Wallet

To restore your wallet backup to your current or a new computer simply copy the wallet.dat file you previously backed up to to the TRF data folder for your operating system. Once you re-open the wallet, you should see all of your coins!

That’s it! Securing, backing up, and restoring your wallet is an easy process. With encryption and backups, your coins should be always safe!