TRF Trip Winners!

We are happy to announce the trip winners from our contest! These 6 lucky people will be going to Maldives, Hawaii, Bahamas, Bora Bora, Seychelles and 1 cruise trip around the world. Remembering that you do not have to apply, you will automatically compete for any of these vacations.

How does it work? It’s simple, all TRF coins have a unique number and all 6 vacations will be linked to one unique number. If you own the TRF coin with the unique number linked to the vacation, you will win the vacation. You don’t have to do anything (except, maybe ask your boss for some time off work). A very few people didn’t receive their TRF coins because they still didn’t send us their payment proof and TRF confirmation adress. But don’t worry, even those few people are participating!

You can find your purchase request in your e-mail that you received from TRF. We are contacting all the winners above:

Maldives : Purchase Request #36870

Seychelles : Purchase Resquest #5054

Hawaii: Purchase Resquest #9767

Bora Bora: Purchase Resquest #27602

Bahamas: Purchase Resquest #6816

CRUISE TRIP: Purchase Resquest #6605

To the winners, please write us back in the e-mail as soon as possible! If you do not claim your prize, we will redraw the lotto on 1st March.

We wish you a good trip, and tell us if you need time for Visa and Passport. Don’t forget to take photos of your trip and send to us!

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