Color Blindness — Lets Check Your Eyes Here !!!

Color Blindness also called as “COLOR VISION DEFICIENCY” means that you are facing inconvenience to see colors — GREEN, RED and BLUE. 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women face this problem to identify colors. You might always fight with friends or relatives regarding identification of colors. The perception of few colors might be different from what others see. People who inherits color blindness, is due to Abnormal photopigment. Our body requires different genes to provide and make photopigment(colors). Failure of these genes can cause this deficiency. Tiny color-detecting cone shaped molecules are present in retina called Cone Cells. Lets read about Color Vision Deficiency before you check your eyes yourself at the end of the article.


As a matter of fact, men are more likely to have the deficiency to identify colors. The reason behind this is the genes. The color blindness depend on X Chromosomes and Males have only one X Chromosomes whereas females have two X Chromosomes. In females, one X Chromosomes is enough to compensate the loss of the other chromosome but if males X Chromosome does not function, they might have trouble to identify the colors.


RED–GREEN: The most common color blindness is caused due to the absence or limited function of green cone i.e called DEUTRAN or red cone which is called PROTAN.

BLUE–YELLOW : The Blue cone called TRITAN pigments is either absent or have limited function causes Blue-Yellow Color Blindness. This is much rare than compared to Red-Green Deficiency.

COMPLETE COLOR BLINDNESS: Complete Color Blindness or MONOCHROMACY deficiency means one is having trouble experiencing color. They might also suffer from vision problem too. There are two types of Monochromacy :-

  • Cone Monochromacy : Here, one fails to have two of three cone cell pigments. Normally brain receives signals from different types of cones to compare the color, but here due to only one cone, the comparison isn’t possible.
  • Rod monochromacy or Achromatopsia: This is very rare and the most severe form of deficiency as none of the cone functions. Due to this, they see the world in Black, White and Grey. People suffering from this disease, are usually scared of bright lights since their pigments respond to dim light. In addition, this type of deficiency is mainly experienced from the birth.


Now a days, people are coping this difficulty with special lenses or eye glasses which are now widely available in the stores. Diagnosing this deficiency at early age will help the children to train accordingly. Being partial or total color blind becomes very torturing or a reason for bullying in childhood. This might also effect few in getting jobs where color identification is important, for example in case of a graphic designer. Therefore one should consult a doctor if they are going through same trouble.



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