I distinctly remember June 9th, 2018. My morning began as it always did with a cup of coffee and scrolling through the news of the day. To see the headline that Anthony Bourdain took his life took my breath away. I sat there in shock, the only words that could come to mind…. “This cant be”. The man that opened my world to life outside the confines of the US of A and taught me to always question the narrative…. was gone.

Tony provided something many, if not all Americans need. Perspective.

He was one of very few people who…

From the time most Americans enter middle school, they are fed the same dogmatic spiel about education. “ You will never get anywhere without college… Higher education will ensure your financial stability and give you a chance at a good retirement.” I heard this endlessly throughout middle school and into high school from my teachers, father, and others. Given an unusual maternal family perspective on education, I was not afforded the opportunity to pursue college (this is a topic for another discussion) and surprisingly it's one of the few things in my childhood I am thankful for.

Now before we…

Will Henderson

Outdoors and travel enthusiast, budding entrepreneur and history buff. Contributing writer for The Ascent

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