That One Person Who Will Always Have a Place in Your Heart

There is always someone you will save a space in your heart.

For me, this someone I met during a solo trip I took in Bali, Indonesia in 2015.

He was mysterious, never told me who he really is. All I knew before was he was a wanderlust like myself.

We met the first day I landed. In total we only met for 2 times, but stayed connected through phone calls/messages daily. At the airport before I left, I had the last call with him. He said we couldn’t be friends, we were too different, I have better things to do in life than staying in touch with him. It was really cruel for me to end things that way. I did cut any communication with him, tried not to think about him though that always failed.

Somehow after half a year later, he suddenly called him again. He said he was back in Amsterdam, and ready for a trip to Portugal. He might visit me at wherever I was at during that time, I know it was a lie but somehow I eagerly wanted it to happen.

Now I wonder where he is in the world at the moment.

We all have our purpose in life. Somehow I see you as a role model in life, even if you didn’t tell me yourself what you have accomplished so far, I still look up to you. Everyday I am trying hard to improve myself, to find my purpose in life. In some way, your experience became my direction, I want to become a strong influential person like you, to bring changes in social movements, to change the world.

I still remember your silly jokes, thick accent, beautiful eyes, the warmth when you were holding my hands, our walks on the beach, swim in your pool, all the hugs and kisses, every moments. I know we can’t go back anymore, but these memories will always stay in my heart.

I hope all is well with you.

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