#TreasuresOfDarkness, Afterthoughts

Trybal Pastor
At the Crossroads of my Life


do you see

our brilliance

Our true nature

As we step


the Light

That is our birthright?

Now do you see the truths weaved

in the Gospel

that you claim to cling to

And will you refuse to no longer be blinded by

the tears into the Sacred

by a humanity who does not

And will not submit

to the Holy Spirit

To the Creator?


do you understand

the cries

of my People

Children of Nature?

There has been so much wisdom shared throughout these 28 days that I am thankful to have captured all of it here, where it can become a resource for those who are struggling with this sacred text-sacred in the fact that there is truth embedded in Scripture; that as the Holy Spirit moves us towards a closer relationship with the Creator we do indeed submit to the purpose that the Creator has lovingly poured into our very being, with a love that is unending. We find our liberation through the very act of living and breathing and fighting and knowing that God indeed stands with the oppressed. God continues to walk with us and we have a responsibility to our Ancestors, who have crossed the veil but continue to whisper. We are regaining and renewing our connection with the Spirit and the Spirits, the Orisha and the Lwa who are calling us back into the Light.

We have a duty to express our righteous anger

We will no longer hide in the fabricated darkness,

that white people

who refuse to come out of the true darkness

and the tarpits of systemic racism

and the evil that lies in that human made muck

have constructed for us,

because they are afraid of us

because we truly are BELOVED of the Creator

and our Darkness, is indeed our Treasure.


Trybal Pastor

Written by

Child of Creator=Purpose; Guided by Ancestors = Revolution; Empowered by Holy Spirit = Transformation; Liberated through Ancient Spirituality and Ritual =Love.

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