Smart City Challenge is New Beginning for Austin
Mayor Steve Adler

“Thriving?” No offense, but you obviously own a car.

And I’m just not sure how anyone can take this seriously given the “Smart City” has over regulated P2P and Uber, not just without data, but despite data.
(Data shows Uber is safer for a city, and has fewer complaints/filings than taxis… so regulation is for the worse).

Thus, the “smart” thing would be a holistic view. For example, those who don’t own cars walk and bike significantly more than car owners. Why invest more in decreasing traffic, while discouraging Uber? It’s not consistent (and the data shows no benefit of regulating).

Maybe the holistic strategy is to discourage startups from coming here, I’m not sure.
Sure Austin is “resilient” to your negative policies. Agreed. But the fact is, the regulation is a negative change in many ways (obviously not thought about), and has huge implications to the startup community (as dataless/senseless regulation is hardly helpful)… And the irony is, there was no potential upside to the regulation (according to the ample data).