Amazing and Wonderful Facts about Indian Tourism

Landmarks in India

India is a very diverse and beautiful country and it has numerous places where a tourist can visit. Tourism industry earns huge amount of money which makes India stand on third position across globe when it comes to significant growth in Tourism sector. Numerous people get employment because of the growing sector of tourism. India sees large numbers of visitors from U.S and U.K throughout the year.

· As per the surveys in 2013 India was able to earn almost 18.4 million U.S dollars, one even can’t imagine the profits India make from Tourism sector.

· India has all types of hotels and restaurants which provide large number of option to the visitors and they can choose as per their budget, need and requirement. Tourist can enjoy different type of food here and enjoy Rajasthan Tour that too on reasonable rates.

· India has diverse culture and every culture offer its own type of food. Indian food is spicy and a good combination of different species which every visitor wants to taste. Indian food offers six types of taste to the visitors such as salty, bitters, sour, sweet, spicy and astringent.

· Travel and tourism industry of India is expected to grow immensely from 2010 to 2019 which directly impacts the GDP of country in a positive way. Government of India spent 1% of its total income on tourism to make India a better place to visit.

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