In February we announced one of the biggest VC investments of its kind in an African company. At $40m it is so far the largest in an online travel company on the continent.

We figured that landing our news in front of your FT.com’s, TechCrunch’s and VentureBeat’s would be a piece of cake given the size of the investment. Simply put they’re the Michael Jordan’s of funding announcements and this was our chance to get the nod from a few of them. Lesser deals had been featured beyond a roundup article only and we wanted a piece of the prestige.

Getting top tech media interested in our story should’ve been easy enough to do; it had all the elements of what makes them tick — a hefty price tag, a global technology investor on one side and an African tech company on the other, CEO and investor sound bites and a strategic partnership with a mobile telecoms giant — a few carefully crafted email pitches and it should’ve been a certainty as soon as the embargo ended. …

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A story about mobile travel technology in Africa

In May 2015 we launched in South Africa. A portmanteau of ‘Flight App’, the mini-app is the world’s first single route commuter app which means you can only book flights between Johannesburg (OR Tambo and Lanseria Airports) and Cape Town and vice versa on it.

Flapp is a by-product of the very route it serves; today Johannesburg / Cape Town (two hours flying time one way) is far and away one of the busiest commuter skyways in the world — more than 4 million people fly this route annually — the Airports Company South Africa recorded 4, 234, 249 passengers flying between South Africa’s economic capital and the tourism capital in 2014 … that’s roughly 8% of the country’s entire population and an even larger percentage of people who fly. …



Africa's leading online travel agency! http://www.travelstart.com/

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