VR in Real Estate — A revolution

WYSIWYG resembles a refined medicinal acronym until individuals discover that it really remains for ‘what you see is the thing that you get’. WYSIWYG items give individuals a moment see of what they’re requesting. Envision if it’s application in the land business. All things considered, welcome to 2017, where the utilization of virtual reality in land is making it workable for potential land purchasers to take an immersive voyage through the property.
The brainchild of Gautam and Tithi Tiwari called SmartVizX is what’s making the revolutionary change. The architect couple found this company two years ago when they discovered a huge communication gap between the customers and real estate agents. Most of the brochures featuring residential projects have an amateurish plan printed on a cardboard surface.
2D plans are converted into 3D models for the VR platform. It might seem to be a poor attempt at simply copy-pasting 2D images of the proposed project in a 3D environment. Don’t be scared, the 3D perspective is lively with furniture, dynamic light sources, and intricate flooring. ‘Virtual reality in real estate’ is an amalgamation of architecture and gaming software. Customers just need to wear the headgear (most probably Oculus Rift). The two-year-old company has worked on six projects across Gurgaon and Noida. Converting a real estate 2D design into 3D can be a costly affair. The price can go from Rs 5 lakh up to Rs 20 lakh.