I love Jesus, design, and you.


There are a million words that are being written right now about Election Day 2016. I am using writing to process my thoughts.

(I wish I could do it in 140 characters cause it’s probably more effective than my stream of consciousness below.)

Sometimes I feel like people do not know me. I feel like my life can be split between my personal life and my career. To me it feels like one, but to look at it on paper it seems separated.

I am a Christian. I know and follow Jesus. Before people stop reading, please don’t. If you have questions of what that means or what that looks like ask me questions don’t write it off. I attend church and enjoy it. I disagree with the church and enjoy that too, even when it’s difficult to. I learn about life and what it means to love people like Jesus did. I believe Jesus died to defeat what we call sin and conquered it through the resurrection.

Over the past few years of working as a designer in the DC metro area and being a Christian is something that I have kept quiet about. Sometimes Christianity has hurt people, or make people feel uncomfortable, so I choose to bring it up when I feel like I have earned the right to be heard from my peers. I probably should be more bold in my faith, but it’s something I am working on and trying to understand myself.

On the other side I am a designer. I studied graphic design at a public university and I fell in love with it when I was 14, while learning about typography. If you haven’t watched Helvetica, you should. It influenced my love for design and made me open my eyes to see the world we live in differently. I mostly work on the web, but appreciate all aspects of art, design, and the little pieces in-between that have been developing over the past decades of the 20th and 21st centuries.

There is connection for me of loving design and being loved by God, a designer. I see it in a romantic way that allows me to wake up and experience the world with fresh eyes and a heart that is filled by love. Let’s talk about love.


I think more than ever we need to love. I believe we are called to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It’s a simple rule to live by that goes a long way. Seeing people being defeated by this election, scared by this election, has made me realize people are scared of the people next to them. This fear has been preached my entire life from society and I just really saw it to be apparent today. I don’t like to see people be heartbroken, unloved, and defeated. I believe that Jesus went after the unloved and defeated. He brought joy to them. I feel called to try and do my best at replicating that love. I think that on both sides of the street, who ever you support, whatever job you have, there are people who are defeated. I think this election has showed us there is not really a true winner. Maybe today by definition there is, but realty is we are still broken and lost.


Reflect, reevaluate, and be patient. There are so many moments throughout life that we need to stop and be still. Right now we need to be still and understand how at least one other person is feeling that may not be like us. It is easier to say that than to do most days. The more patience we can have, the more empathy we can have for one another.

Empathy allows us to really understand the true issues that we have. We need to find the problem we want to solve and understand why others feel that way and why we feel the way we do. That can only happen with collaboration. We want to run, impeach, and circumvent the problem. What problems we have moving forward already exist. Let’s find a solution while loving each other the best we can, empathize with people.

Jesus is patient with me everyday. I mess up, but I receive grace. In the Bible he shows patience with his disciples, the ones he was closest to still had doubts past his death and resurrection. There is a willpower that we can strive for that is patience for one another. If we are able to be patient and show patience I believe that we can love another.

These are thoughts I am having right now. If you don’t like it, I am sorry. I hope we can still treat each other well, I will try. I feel like they are relevant to document and share. I would love to have a conversation about any of this, I like coffee and typography especially. Try and see the world a little differently than you do today. For me, it has pushed me to know what I believe more and to try to empathize with others better.

I love Jesus, design, and you.