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Visitors — A Novel

Part 1

People don’t have reflections anymore. Walking in the middle of the street, the light reflects in the water collected in the gutters.

People walk by, no one notices anyone else. They are all connected and programmed. They move from point A to point B. They are assigned to do that, the Government aligned all people to create order.

For the longest time, order seemed like a distant idea. People committed crimes, they fought for their lives. They had reason to live and to represent what they valued. The individual was valued.

At some point, the Socialists organized and planted an idea. This idea reflected with people because it was easy. There was less worry about the needs of one’s self and of other people. They would take care of it. Everything was covered. It created a new idea of freedom. Freedom from worrying.

*Visitor_0316 entered the train station at 05:27 am*

No trains will arrive for another seven minutes. This offers a brief time for Visitor_0316 to make their own decisions. A time to think in a day that is planned and organized for everyone. No one has a home, they just exist and go. Existing has a different meaning. Existing is being a product in a machine. A machine that benefits everyone. People survive without thinking and initiating anything. They have a place to go and a place to leave.. What else does anyone need?

Visitor_0316 does get to decide what to eat. It’s all packed into a single-serving injection. He walks up to the dispensing machine and has three choices. One of the few choices he is able to make on his own throughout the day.

Swipes ID*Visitor_0316 initiated a transaction with Machine_90183921*

He chooses his usual, H20, NaCl, C12H22O11. 175 Payment Credits (P.C)

Water, Salt, and Sugar. With one injection, the body is restored. Everyone has been installed a port to receive injections at birth. On the side of the abdomen, people can be given anything in order to attain and restore what their body needs. After sixty seconds, his body has received the dosage and the train arrives.

Visitor_0316 enters the trains and scans his badge, another 175 P.C.

People are all sitting and listening to their government-issued ear piece. They have unlimited access to shop on the network, listen to the new and improved changes to the Government, and listen to the music network. It is all controlled from one source. There is a database that each ear piece is connected to that is updated by the minute. The database is created by a warehouse of engineers working day and night to entertain the tamed.

People arrive at their stop and continue on to their roles they are assigned. The trains travel stop-to-stop, dropping off the people at their designated locations. The ear piece alerts people when to move and walk.

If someone were to get off at the wrong stop, they would be lost. They wouldn’t have ever been there before. They are running from A to B, and there are no detours.

Visitor_0316 consistently gets off at the wrong stop. Detours keep him alive.

Visitor_0316 breaks away and lives in an independent way. He gets off, an alert goes off in his ear piece. Nothing happens.

He learned that alerts scare people, but aren’t attached directly to the system. There are so many facades that exist now. People seem like facades. As he walks out, a second alert goes off. Everything is covered in sensors and signals when the system breaks or is interrupted. The user’s number is what interrupts the system. There are expectations that are created and programmed that people have a time and place to be somewhere. If they are not logged in to the location, the system malfunctions.

Visitor_0316 is walking down the street, back to his dormitory. No one is out on the streets, because they are all getting off at the right stop from the train. The walk allows him to get home 5 minutes faster. For some reason, planning one’s own efficiency is another aspect of freedom and choice. Things that are undefined bring personalization to personal life.

As he walks up to the highrise dormitory, he waits until 6:00 am to scan his badge into the system. He is on time. Inside the living corridors of today, one will find doors, food dispensers, people, and controllers.

Controllers control through the injection port. The user can designate the time and the chemical is released throughout the body. It temporarily freezes the nervous system, but allows for the brain to think. It is the only form of escapism that is known to exist. The Government hates this, but as long as the system does not break, they look the other way. There is an anonymous group that creates and distributes the controllers, usually to dormitories and living quarters. People refer to them as the Coalition.

They chose to come together and rebel parallel to the government. They don’t interrupt the system that is in place, but coexist beside it. In a way, it is an extra layer of distraction to the routine and methodologies of the Government. They pose no current threat of destroying what the Government created, so they distribute as they can.

Visitor_0316 enters his room and lies down. It is the first time he has actually been off his feet all day long. The way his shoes have molded to his toes from digging into them gives the amount of work that he puts into work every day. He was given this job from the Government, should he be thankful? Thoughts enter his head of wanting to end the cycle of life that is created by the Government wiring. Is he the only one with this desire? What is wrong with his wiring to question this to himself, but not with anyone?

Did anyone actually talk out loud today? Did he say anything to anyone? Do people talk?

Decisions are made by the Government through the way they have hand selected all aspects of the lives of the visitors. Thoughts are basically controlled by the Government — unless the system breaks.

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