Never read

Why getting zero reads on an article is perfectly okay.

Good afternoon.

You might not like the words you’re about to read, you might not care.

You might think I’m uninteresting. You might think the content of this post, or any other post that I’ve written for that matter, isn’t worth reading and won’t continue past this point. This post might never get more than a few reads.

To be perfectly square, it doesn’t matter if this post gets one read or one thousand. To some degree you could argue that there’s a small part of me that cares. I enjoy when people read my work — I don’t think there’s a writer, creator, artist, musician, chef, street performer who doesn’t enjoy when their work is shared and enjoyed by others. But the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter if you read this or not.

We create for people. But we also create for ourselves.

I’ll prove my point with a riddle:

What do call a writer whose work is never read?

A writer.

If you enjoy what I write, that’s great and thank you for taking an interest. If not — oh well, but that’s not going to stop me from doing what I enjoy.

You have two choices: Read or don’t. That’s your prerogative and I don’t hold it against you.

My prerogative is to create. Even if I never get more than a few views on an article or poem or prose or essay, even if this never goes anywhere, that won’t stop me.

It’s better to create something and for nothing to become of it, than to not create and forever wonder what it might become.

This way I know for sure.