Asia 2017

The last five weeks spent in Asia was thrilling, adventurous and memorable. Despite my annual visits to the continent [mainly Taiwan & Japan], it always seems to give me something new — every corner I turn. This summer spent in Asia, was once again, thrilling.

After 10 flights [that’s nearly 2 flights per week], 9 Shinkansen [bullet train] rides, 24,319 miles, countless hours on the road, and everything in between, join me as I look back on yet another wonderful trip.

EQUIPMENT: iPhone 7 Plus & Canon 6D // Kindly ask that you do not reproduce or utilize photos without permission.

JAPAN — Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto.

Shrine in Kobe, Japan
Shrine in Osaka, Japan.
Subway in Osaka, Japan — look at how orderly the Japanese line up; despite it being rush hour!
Full Moon from Ginza, Tokyo. Ginza is home to many international brand-name shops.
Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan. This 170th Annual Parade is part of a “purification ritual to appease the gods thought to cause fire, floods and earthquakes” celebrated throughout the month of July in Kyoto.
An engaged couple completing a wedding photoshoot at the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto.
The famous Fushimi Inari-Tasha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto, formerly the Imperial capital of Japan, was once on the list of atomic bomb targets by the United States. It was taken off of consideration and replaced with Nagasaki. The beautiful city now attracts millions of tourists worldwide thanks to its beautiful Japanese cultural sites. This was my second visit to the city and I fell in love with it even more.
Thousand Origami Paper Cranes displayed — so colorful! These cranes are meant to provide good luck, happiness and longevity.
Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan. A man is pulling his rickshaw back to the main streets for another round of customers.
Eikando Zenrinji Temple in Kyoto, Japan.
A field of lavender flowers. That mountain covered in clouds is Mt. Fuji!
Flower wall.
Near Mt. Fuji, Japan.
Went peach picking in the suburbs of Tokyo! They are the juiciest peaches — and most delicious towards the end of July.
Mt. Fuji Narusawa Ice Cave. This ice cave was 30F lower than the outside temperature! Great experience.
Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Onioshidashi Rocks in Karuizawa, Japan. Located just beside an active volcano, the mountain of volcanic rocks is home to a beautiful hiking path. The rugged landscape provided breathtaking views — and an escape from the summer July heat.
Onioshidashi Rocks in Karuizawa, Japan. The red temple amongst the volcanic rocks was built in remembrance of locals who died after a large volcanic eruption in the 1700s.
Onioshidashi Rocks in Karuizawa, Japan.


Looking down from a Hong Kong Tram. It was 95F and 90% humidity weather.
View of the Victoria Harbour from the Café Gray Deluxe at the Upper House Hotel.
View from our room at the Upper House Hotel. Truly magnificent.
The elevator foyer of every floor at the Upper House Hotel. This hotel, rated #1 in Hong Kong, was uniquely designed by architect Andre Fu — and every detail he put into the design is apparent.
View of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour from the Kowloon side.
The Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel Swimming Pool.

TAIWAN — Taipei, Tainan, and Kinmen Island

Had the opportunity of a lifetime to drive over 1,000 miles around Taiwan throughout my trip!
View from my parents’ house in Muzha, Taipei. That’s Taipei 101 — formerly the world’s tallest building!
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Kinmen Island, Taiwan. This island is only 1.2 miles away from Mainland China, yet remains under Taiwan (Republic of China) control. The island only recently opened its’ doors to tourism after years of being a military reserve.
Love these tiny, old-style village.
Kinmen Island.
A former elementary school.
Many old buildings still stand today.
Window from an old school.
A park on Kinmen Island.
Kinmen Island.
Visited a mango plantation in the southern part of Taiwan — Taiwanese mangoes are the most delicious!
Mangoes are individually wrapped in preparation for harvest.
A worker undergoing quality control of mangoes before they head to the markets for sale.
They call this village “Mangoes’ Hometown”.
A view overlooking Tainan City, Taiwan from the city’s first department store. Tainan was Taiwan’s former capital.
Presented to students and parents of the FLOMO Education Foundation School on “How to Find Your Passion.” I proudly shared my experiences as a student growing up in America and why parental engagement is essential for student success.
Great crowd!
Participated in FLOMO Education Foundation’s Graduation for the Class of 2017.
Portrait from a magazine photoshoot. Looking forward to the article feature soon.

Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed photos from my summer adventure in Asia.

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